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11 Best Network Diagram Topology And Mapping Software Free & Paid

network topology mapping software

The network topology maps are generated anew whenever the map module is accessed by the user. That means that the topology map that is displayed is always based on the latest version of the network inventory and is never out of date. Datadog’s monitoring systems are charged for by subscription with a rate per month or at a lower rate if paid annually. Both the Network Performance Monitor and the Network Device Monitor include live network mapping and you can get both of these plans on a 14-day free trial. Domotz A cloud-based package that performs network monitoring and will create network maps for LANs and WANs. Datadog Live Network Mapping A cloud-based real-time network mapping tool that monitors traffic flows for direct network mapping with great visualizations for troubleshooting and network design considerations. Getting a layout of your network really helps your planning and management processes.

Domotz is the leading remote network monitoring and management platform for IoT. We provide powerful network management software to MSP’s, Integrators and Security Professionals as well as Business Owners. Domotz provides a complete solution to manage and monitor customer networks cost-effectively. It features a plug and play setup, friendly UX and a comprehensive feature list, accessible from any mobile device or desktop browser. Medium and large-sized networks can all greatly benefit from SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper.

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It has always been challenging for network professionals to reliably document where equipment is connected to a switch. This is all the more true given the growing use of wireless devices and VLANs. Intermapper’s Layer 3 module enables easy auto-discovery and connection of devices to the correct switch port, giving you a granular view of your network connections. Network mapping is a process of documenting all the technology in your network to get full visibility. With network mapping software, you’ll never waste time creating tedious diagrams with Microsoft Excel or Visio.

  • View a hierarchical map of all network sites and a topological map of a specific site, North America.
  • In any organization, a computer network diagram plays an important role.
  • These plans are the Network Performance Monitor, which provides network data flow analysis, and the Network Device Monitor, which provides constant checks on switches, routers, and network appliances.
  • LanFlow A diagram editing tool with icons for network topology mapping.
  • For a design assessment, routing configuration and status of BGP peers may be required.
  • This is particularly the case if you are designing a new network or planning to extend an existing one.
  • The system constantly polls network devices and generates a network map from the information that it gleans.

Visualization of a network or network mapping is one way to simplify the monitoring of complex networks. That’s why all major network providers, ISPs, and enterprises implement network mapping tools. These tools allow IT teams to break down a complex network into smaller portions, which helps in careful analysis of network issues. The tools used for network mapping can automatically create a visualization showing how different servers, endpoints, and networking equipment connect and function. Additionally, there are plenty of tools that automate the network infrastructure mapping process. For example, several of the top network monitoring tools provide network mapping functionality.

Manageengine Network Mapping With Opmanager

They have been making the lives of System admins easy for about 20 years now thanks to their various automation tools. You have probably heard about the Network Performance Monitor seeing as it is one of the best there is but today I will be introducing you to their Network Topology Mapper. Just looking at an overview of its features and you can understand why many prefer it. Most mapping software allows you to inspect each device on the map. The details of any device in the network can be viewed by clicking on the map. Thus, it’s easy to keep a close watch on any device you want to monitor.

network topology mapping software

It is an open-source network mapping software that comes with a detailed diagram template to create a visual representation of how various devices are interconnected within a network. It comes with preloaded templates, supports many file formats and diagrams are easy to share. We’ve listed a couple of solutions based on our research for best network mapping and network performance monitoring software.

Mind Mapping Vs Network Mapping

NetBrain can be set up to scan the network on a schedule, also allowing for on-demand scanning, and can discover up to 2000 devices per hour as well as Level 2 and 3 network infrastructure. This is all done with the aim of automating repetitive tasks to assist network administrators in the effective management of documentation, changes, cyber-security and troubleshooting. All devices in the maps are clickable, which will reveal detailed performance and diagnostic information on the devices, enabling the ability to resolve issues detected faster. WhatsUp Gold can also assist further in troubleshooting with its Layer 2/3 trace and finder.

network topology mapping software

ManageEngine OpManager Network Mapping A package of network and server monitors that includes autodiscovery and network topology mapping functions. Help Desk for Managed Services Providers Customer Service and Device Management. Managed Service Providers, or MSPs, are responsible for monitoring and servicing increasingly complex IT infrastructures.

Gain a global mission control perspective of your entire business’ status, whilst immediately identifying where in the world there are problems on your network. If you’re not sure where to start, take advantage of Auvik’s 14-day free trial, and have your network mapped and fully monitored before you leave the office today. ZoHo is the parent company of ManagineEngine, so as you might expect, ZoHo Maps is the default mapping service but network topology mapping software Google Maps is supported too. Because there’s no cloud deployment option for ManageEngine, it can become complex to maintain at scale. NetBrain focuses heavily on integrations with other software like IDS and SIEM tools for enabling troubleshooting and network operations workflows. The software can be installed on-premises on Windows servers. Because of the resources required to run the servers at scale, maintenance can become complex.

Create Network Diagrams According To Industry Standards With Our Network Diagram Software

It can also be used to create floor plans, family tree diagrams and business model diagrams. It also has the best Microsoft Visio®, compatibility that allows you import and export files from various Visio formats. Advanced features include advanced drawing tools, unrivaled table formatting options, automatic layouts and import and export to various formats , as well as advanced drawing tools.

NetBrain auto-discovers Cisco SD-WAN, Cisco Meraki, Versa, Aryaka, and CloudGenix SD-WAN connectivity architectures. Turn on and off layers of physical and logical information with Data View, including data from 3rd party IT management solutions. Demand for robust data center networks continues to increase as organizations struggle to achieve business agility for application deployments. This has led to the growing adoption of Software Defined Network solutions as part of a data center architecture evolution.

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The map represents data transmission from one node to another and allows admins to see the physical layout of connected devices and identify flaws. While every organization has a different type of network topology model, some of the common topology models include bus topology, ring topology, star topology, mesh topology, and hybrid topology. SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper is a useful tool for creating and maintaining network maps.

network topology mapping software

IPAM has become a critically important part of quickly analyzing and troubleshooting any network and providing a better understanding of its performance. System — contains the system’s built-in device groups generated after the routing protocol calculation for the discovered devices. Every system device group collects devices configured with the same routing protocol and AS number and is also named with the routing protocol and the AS number, such as, #EIGRP 100.

Gain Complete Visibility Of Clients’ Networks With Datto Rmm Network Topology Maps

The plan constantly checks on the nodes available on the network and will automatically redraw the network topology map if any devices are added, moved, or removed. The visualization of the network also shows a live report of the traffic flow throughput on each link. If you don’t want to use an automatically-generated map, you can set the discoverer tool to just create a device inventory, from which you can plot your own topology map.

The latter features additional tools for project management and planning. So in this post, I have prepared a list of 5 best software that I feel will take away the burden of mapping your network away from you. Check out what they all have to offer and select the one that has the best combination of features for you. It is a web-based Network mapping software open source that allows creating network charts, process maps, flowcharts, organizational charts and shares them all. It allows exporting network maps to various other formats like PDF, PNG, MS Office Visio etc. Entuity software’s customizable dashboards allow you to pick and choose what you see on your NOC. Add to your dashboard context-dependent Topological Maps that display the topology of a View selected on your Geographical map, for example allowing you to see the exact layout of devices in each branch office.

Data Grids

The Syxsense Secure package includes security systems that include vulnerability scanning, malware protection, and threat hunting. These network maps can be filtered further by device type and network elements and multi-level network discovery can be performed in order to inspect network performance and traffic in detail. WhatsUp Gold A network monitoring system that is based on the Simple Network Management Protocol and includes an autodiscovery system and a network mapper. SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper – FREE TRIAL A system that automatically searches a network and discovers all of the equipment connected to it. The package offers a range of network topology map formats that it will then draw up from the device inventory. A map can condense a thousand pieces of individual information in one sheet. This ability to exhibit data in visual form was one of the greatest creations of the human mind.


LanFlow’s editing interface is based on drag-and-drop, which makes linking icons and snapping lines to them an easy task. In addition to the combination of scanners and mapping tools, there also exists complete network mapping solutions. These scan the network and integrate the identified devices directly in network diagrams and maps – so called ‘auto-mapping’ generating the network maps automatically. Nmap is quite a popular free open source network mapping software for Windows. It is used for various tasks likenetwork discovery, security auditing, network inventory, monitoring hosts, etc. It is basically a command line utility, but it provides a GUI too called Zenmap.

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